Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Senora Frog

As promised, here's a pic of one of the frogs I'm doing for my nieces. Her green sister is still in progress, and only has about half of one arm at the moment. I'm a really basic crocheter. Nothing fancy. But luckily this pattern from Lion Brand just cruises the edges of my abilities. And of course, I had to put my own stank on it. I doubled the size, and did knitted i-cord arms and legs. The single crochet limbs on the original pattern looked to wimpy. A frog's gotta have some jumping power, ya know? If I can get done with the green frog in time, I think I'm going to go back and put blue lips on this one. The red lips just aren't enough of a contrast.
Technically, my nieces are probably too old for stuffies. But it's still kind of fun to get one on Christmas.

Monday, December 29, 2008

Wheez the People

On Saturday, I made myself lay down and just stop. All afternoon. I’d sleep, drink orange juice, sleep, have a cookie, sleep, watch tv, sleep. Punctuated by a lot of couching, hacking, sneezing and hauking. Such a pretty image. I’d been dragging butt for a week and a half with a raunchy cold, and I thought if I just slept it off, I might finally kick the crud. Then I did much the same on Sunday morning, adding in crocheting frogs for my nieces (fantastically cute – I’ll post pics). But it was really just a re-group and get over this damned cold once and for all thing.

Being out of commission has its advantages. I missed the entire start of this round of trouble in Gaza. I hate trouble in that area. Freaks me out no end (I think it’s a hangover from my Baptist school days; nothing says Armageddon like trouble in the Holy Land). But I also felt like I accomplished nothing. You know how in the roll up to the holidays, you’re just a machine. Your whole weekend is nothing but checking items off your list – bought this, cleaned that, mailed this, baked that. After all that, it’s kind of hard to see laying on the couch, filling tissue after tissue and shotgunning Robitussin straight from the bottle as a real achievement. Woo-hoo kicked snot’s ass! Yeah!

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