Monday, October 20, 2008

You're going WHERE??

Well, this may be the last post until next week or so. I’m headed off for a trip with my parents to . . . gasp . . . Branson. I know. Ye gods. Though I loves me some Dolly Parton and I have a soft spot for classic country novelty tunes (Painted Flowers on the Wall, Harper Valley PTA, King of the Road, Convoy), most country music, and especially bluegrass, makes me want to slap myself in the head repeatedly with a large catfish. And I have only a very limited tolerance for the nativity scene with the baby Jesus wrapped in the American flag aesthetic that Branson specializes in. And it’s flipping cold right now in the Ozarks. Cheese Whiz. What was I thinking? I’m headed for the hillbilly mother ship.

Well, what I was thinking was that I’d get to spend some quality time with my folks. And they LOVE the Branson. They’ve got a time share just outside town and season passes to Silver Dollar City. The whole shmear. As my sister points out, this is the chance to get to be the “only child”. Which is pretty much the Holy Grail for kids with multiple siblings. I don’t have to share my Mommy and Daddy with snotty-nosed siblings for a whole week. Regardless of the fact that my sibs haven’t been snotty-nosed brats in a long time. At least 2 or 3 years (har har, hi, Sis!). But just kickin’ it old school with the folks does sound kind of nice.

To prepare myself for the trip, I’m getting my little busy bag (hey, they aren't only for 5-year olds) ready for the car: books, yarn project, cross-word puzzles. And my iPod. Given that my parents will be listening to “Classic Bluegrass” all the way to Missouri (because they think that some of those new bluegrass musicians just go too far), I’m going to have my earphones jammed so far in my ears, they’ll be touching my brain. And I’ve told my folks that I can amuse myself while they go to It’s Only Make Believe: The Conway Twitty Musical (I swear I did not make that up). The only show I’m at all interested in is Yakov Smirnov. If I’m going to Branson, I’m going to darned well see Yakov.

So, as usual, I’ll take lots of mental notes, and if I can remember my camera for once, a few pictures. If I don’t get to talk to you, hope y’all have a great week.

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