Friday, January 6, 2012

It's a good look

You know, I pretty much disagree with everything on this list. Frankly it’s what I think is an “old fashioned” view of fashion. One that is based on the idea that if you’re fashionable then you’re “correct,” no one can make fun of you. Fear-based fashion. Which is certainly one way to go. Not everyone can or wants to be unique. But if you do – break every one of these rules. With glee.

But you know what I think ages women more than anything? Worrying whether someone else thinks you look alright. Worrying about being “alright.” Uhgh. If you like matchy, matchy jewelry, wear it! Because it’s what you like, you’ll be better at pulling together a matchy, matchy look than anyone else. It’s called “style,” and it belongs to you. But nothing is more retrograde and aging than putting on something that you don’t like or apologizing for something that you do like because it’s not what the world likes.

If what you like is something that would pass without comment, great! Go for it. But if it’s not what you like, if it’s not what you feel good in, if that still small voice inside tells you that you should be wearing harem pants with stilettos, lucky you! Never apologize, never explain. If you like overalls with poet shirts, that’s good too. Be true to yourself. Listen to your own voice. Confidence is your best accessory. Believe it.

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Tough Cookies

Man. It takes some time to get over the holidays. I’m sitting here wanting a cookie sooooo bad.

You know, anywhere between Thanksgiving and New Years, a cookie is totally appropriate. If not obligatory. I mean, it’s the holidays. Have a cookie. Have two. If there’s an assortment, you should probably try to have one of each. Just so you have a basis for comparison. Ginger snap, chocolate cherry chunk or straight up sugar cookie? You need to be able to offer an informed opinion.

But, then January 2. The cookie train comes to an end. Not only are they not as available (blast!), it’s just not appropriate to punctuate every meal with a cookie (oatmeal cookies are breakfast food, right?). So, there’s a grieving process. You just look at your empty hand and think, “Damn, I wish there was a cookie there.”

Well. You just have to be strong. And wait for Valentine’s day.

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