Friday, October 10, 2008

Quote of the day

"Optimism is a revolutionary act."

- Lloyd Dobler

Thursday, October 9, 2008

Birdwatching - Spotting the Gray Winged Boobie

And speaking of the breastesses, and by the way, Project Runway spoiler, avert your eyes if you've got last night's burning a hole in your Tivo, what the flippety-flop was up with Jerrell's bridal dress? Great googley moogley. Diamond encrusted, crinkle taffetta boob wings? That's like asking Michael Kors to clown you on national television. And you know that Heidi Klum has serious issues with fit problems in the chest. How many times has she wanted to pull a dress up so that a model's tatas were in the right place? Not well played, Jerrell.

And frankly, as someone whose cups have never run over, I have occassionally used the well placed gather, ruffle or ruche as camouflage. But even I would never wear a bridal dress that looked like I was an awning offering shade to passing ringbearers and flower girls. Actually, I'd never wear a bridal dress, period. But that's besides the point. No boob flaps! No boob flaps, ever!

Add in a hat that looked like "Oh, no! I forgot my veil! That's okay. I'll just wear one of the centerpieces" and you knew Jer-Jer was going to get Auffed off the runway like a bottle rocket. Too bad. I liked his style. But I'm afraid the full collection was his downfall. Alas. Okay, I'm over it. Now on to the all-girl finale!

Subliminal Advertising

Being a proud Sun Devil (!), I don't have a dog in this fight. But, being a Dallas resident, I'm aware of the UT/OU rivalry. The big University of Texas v. Oklahoma game is played here during the state fair. Lots of excitement. So as one of the big rah-rahs for the game, Sprinkles is doing a support your team kind of fund raiser with Longhorn vanilla cupcakse and Sooner red velvet cupcakes. Somehow, I can't help but think this one is rigged. Not because the Sooners are made of that tasty southern delicacy - the red velvet cake. Look at them:

Am I the only one noticing that the Sooner cupcakes look like breasts? Call me dirty minded, but the top half of that tray of cupcakes looks like the happy hour lunch at the Million Dollar Gentlemen's Club (not that I'd actually know what the happy hour lunch at the Million Dollar looks like, I'm just saying). I keep imagining dozens of guys from UT stuffing red velvet cupcakes in their mouthes and saying "mmmphmpmh - I know I'm supposed to buy the Longhorn ones, but I don't know why these OUs just seem to taste so good."

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Lil Buddy

Okay, being on forty-somethingth floor, sometimes you see unusual things looking out the window - hawks nesting, mysterious reflections in the distance, exploding propane tanks.

Obviously, my tiny friend here got a little lost. But he's a sweet little guy. He waved at me. (I have a witness.) Dude has decided to stick around for a bit. I would too. That first steps going to be a deusie.

My Philosophy of the Day

It's a Garanimals world, but sometimes you just have to wear the orange lion with the purple monkey.

The Not So Great Debate

I had to limit my exposure to the debates last night. It’s the sort of girding my loins type of thing. I take a couple of deep breaths, brace myself, take a sip of beer, then turn to the CNN. Then I try to just tough it out. Hang in there! You can take it! But they just keep slapping me in the face - Lie! Evasion! Condescension! Pandering! Mud slinging! Then I have to quickly change the channel to something calming like, Flavor of Love: Charm School or the Secret Lives of Women, until I'm able to take another shot.

But I did catch the Huh-Wha? moment of the night. When John McCain said something like “And who voted for that legislation? That one.” Ooooo. Wince. I did take a second to evaluate whether it was a “you people” moment. And I honestly don’t think it was. I think it was a geezer moment. He just sounded like a crotchety old man when he pulled “that one” out of his pants pocket. Who says that? It was almost like he forgot Barak Obama’s name. Not an eloquent moment for the Senator from Arizona.

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Fortune, good night, smile once more; turn thy wheel!

I’ve been thinking a lot about it. That idea that maybe the fact that our financial system is falling apart isn’t the worst thing that could possibly happen. It could be that this is the moment that changes the world.

There’s that old concept of the Wheel of Fortune. In the Middle Ages, people thought that being at the top of the wheel was great, but the luckiest time was when you were at the bottom. Because at that moment, it was all chaos. Everything that kept you tied down, stuck in one place, in one thought was destroyed. And in that moment, everything new is born. The moment of infinite opportunity. The Phoenix can’t rise until it’s burned to ash.

And right now, I think we’re looking dead at the bottom of the great Wheel. We’re not quite there yet. We haven’t bottomed out. But it’s soon. Everybody can feel it in their bones. Chaos is coming.

Maybe not such a bad thing. We can look around and wonder what we’re doing working longer hours to buy more stuff. Maybe one or two of those Wall St. types who are now jobless decide it’s a good time to move to Joplin, Missouri and start growing organic carrots. Maybe people will realize that the most valuable resource we have on this blessed Earth is time. And if you want to spend all your time making money, and that’s what makes you happy – do it. But if what makes you happy is pushing your kid on a swing, or weeding the garden, or going to a play, or volunteering to teach people to read, or just watching the clouds roll by – then you need to do it. Time is finite. And every second your spend running the rat race, is a second you don’t have to do what you love.

Wouldn’t it be something if the moment the Wheel hits the bottom, the entire world stops and thinks, “What the hell have I been doing?” We can do things differently. We can rebuild this world. We can slough off the meaningless nonsense that has cluttered our lives. Instead, we can value generosity, honesty, courage, contemplation, hard work, kindness and love. Yes, the stock market is tumbling. But there is one investment that will always stay rock solid. Time. Spend it wisely.

Monday, October 6, 2008

Here, kitty, kitty

'Kay, 2 things about this article:

First, the guy pictured at the top, Adam Fulrath - hot.

Second, I can't believe the writer got through an entire article without hitting on . . . well, okay really - single, straight men and their love of . . . cats. Hmm, hmm, hmm. I probably couldn't have taken that high road. Holding it in would have given me a stomach cramp.

Back at the Ranch

So I’m back after a nice ramble in central Texas. First off, let me say, the Aquarena was fantabulous. Loved it! Texas State University has a great program. The glass bottom boat was terrific. The education aspect was great. Our little tour guide was cute as a bug, and he had lots of great information about the spring fed lake and all the wildlife in the area. And I’m all about encouraging my niece to go to TSU now. If you’re ever in the area, put this one on your tourist list. Even without the mermaids, or Ralph the Swimming Pig.

We also stopped in Lockhart for barbecue. Kreuz Market there is listed as number 3 of the top 5 barbecue joints in Texas by Texas Monthly. Personally, I’d beg to differ. The brisket at Louie Mueller (number 5) was far superior. Though Kruez’s German potato salad was to die for. Absolutely phenomenal. When you walked in, there was a sign that said, “Vegetarians through here, normal people this way.” If you took the normal route (I figured I might as well give normal a try), it took you into the room where the smoke pits were (ah, heavenly smoke), and you could get your various foods that previously had a face. The other door went into the part of the market that had things like sauerkraut, pickles, potato salad, etc. Though it is worth pointing out that the “vegetarian” potato salad had chopped brisket in it. Possibly Texans are a tiny bit sketchy on this vegetarian concept.

Then we got to the hotel for a short disco nap before heading to Gruene Hall for the Peacemakers. Sadly, the restaurant we had planned to eat at was out of business. And my mouth was all set for their coleslaw. Sad. We found a reasonable substitute though.

But on the way to the reasonable substitute, we passed Roger Clyne heading toward Gruene Hall. Yes, that Roger Clyne. I know. So, you know that feeling when you see someone that you think you might know, but aren’t sure, and have that panicky moment of “Should I wave? Should I smile and nod? Even if I do recognize them, that doesn’t mean they recognize me. Will they think some random stranger is accosting them on the sidewalk? Will that freak them out? Oh, what does a wave hurt? But if some possibly strange stranger waved at me, wouldn’t it freak me out, and wouldn’t I wonder who the hell that was waving at me?” Okay, so imagine that times about 10. In the end, my natural introversion and reluctance to invade another person’s personal space won out, and I just put my head down and kept walking.

Later it occurred to me that, probably, if you’re a musician you have some sort of innate tolerance for the random fan waving at you and possibly even (though this is incompressible to me) enjoy it. Weird, yet not without some logical basis. Extroverts. I don’t get it, but god bless. Possibly why the musical career path was never in the cards for me. [That and the fact that when it comes to instruments I’m all elbows, and my singing voice is like a cat caught in a cement mixer. Purdy it ain’t.] So, in retrospect, if I erred in etiquette there on the streets of Gruene, here’s an imaginary post-hoc friendly wave and a smile ~ & :)

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